Saturday, May 7, 2011

John Hambrock had this to say

John Thank you for submitting the great art to Team Cul de Sac!

“One of the best things about being a cartoonist is knowing people like Richard.
His personality and wicked sense of humor never fail to put a smile on my face.
It’s an honor to be a part of Team Cul De Sac.”

A little about John:

In 1999, John began developing the idea of a boy genius character named
Edison. He spent ve years honing his drawing and writing skills, occasionally
submitting samples to King Features Syndicate for development consideration.
King Features saw potential in the precocious 10-year old and in November 2006
launched “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” in newspapers. Three short years
later, the feature was nominated “Best Comic Strip 2009” by the National
Cartoonists Society in 2009.

Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Create a Cartoon Character

Things are really in high gear here at Team Cul de Sac headquarters. The packages are rolling in, faster than I can get them scanned and saved! Thanks to all of you who have contributed artwork and sent it off. As you probably know, we have extended the deadline to squeeze in the Reuben awards. I would like to take a minute to thank one of the all time favorite comic strip creators, Rick Kirkman, for his LOL contribution. Class act.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Susan Camilleri Konar loves her veggies

Susan Camilleri Konar sent this to us. She is someone else who has been touched by Richard and his charming personality. Below is a few words from her about Richard,followed by her bio. Enjoy!

I have only met Richard once, however, I've been fortunate to communicate with him via email several times (it's often me asking him annoying questions). I can only say that his warm, generous personality made me feel like I was an old friend. When I found out about Team Cul de Sac I couldn't wait to bring his cartoon world together with mine. It's a simple contribution to a great project. Richard, I wish you all the best and can only say you are one class act.

Susan is a cartoonist and illustrator who began her professional freelance career a tad later in life (or, shall we say in 'the new 20s'). Her clients include Harvard Business Review, Reader's Digest (US and Can), Prospect (UK), The Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, Business Law Today and many other magazines and newspapers. She also contributes to Bob Eckstein's online humour magazine 'The Basement' and is a member of The National Cartoonists Society.”

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Barbara Dale is just awesome!

Barbara Dale is one of the pioneers of alternative greeting cards in the United
States. The Washington Post described her and her generation of card designers
as having, “changed the face of the nearly 7 billion cards Americans sent to each
other last year.” In the book, “A Gallery of Rogues: Cartoonists’ Self-Characatures”
published by Ohio State University she’s described as, “Specializing in off-the-wall
humor of the taste-expanding variety.” Barbara’s worked with numerous card and
gift industry manufacturers such as Recycled Paper Products, Andrews and McMeel,
Carol Wilson, The Ink Group, and Wild Card. Currently, her cards are published in
the United States by Sellers Publishing, Inc and RSVP Cards. She’s the co-author
and illustrator of two humor books, “The Working Woman Book” and “The Joys
of Motherhood” published by Andrews and McMeel. She also co-authored and
illustrated a syndicated panel, “The Stanley Family” with Universal Press Syndicate
in 1990. She’s exhibited her paintings and prints in several one-woman and group
shows and has work represented in numerous private and museum collections.
Barbara is currently writing a novel.

Chris Schechner and Who is under your bed?

Chris Schechner called me today and made my day. Thank you Chris. I always love to get emails, FB messages, and phone calls from people who are contributing. If they would just pick me up and buy me drinks! One can only dream.
Please read his Bio. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I have been an art director and illustrator for over 35 years. Most recently,
I was the art director of Pockets magazine for 25 years. I have owned my
own studio, Schechner & Associates, since 1985. I have done design and
illustration for numerous clients. My journal in cartoon form can be found at

When I found out about Team Cul De Sac, I was excited to participate because first
of all, I love Richard’s creation. It would be a great chance to honor this wonderful
strip. Secondly, I want to encourage everyone with disabilities to achieve all they
can. As the result of a diving accident nearly 40 years ago, I have been quadriplegic
and I have continued drawing and creating art since then despite having my fingers
paralyzed and having limited use of my arms. We all struggle with some form of
obstacle and it is important to push ourselves to reach beyond expectations. Thanks
Richard, for providing this platform.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jay Stephens and Family

Here is what Jay said about our family. Thank you Jay. We are family, thank you for sharing.

"Cartoonists are a tight-knit bunch.
A couple of years ago I spent 8 weeks in hospital recuperating from the rather nasty side effects of debilitating mental illness. As part of the ongoing treatment, my doctor recommended openly discussing my clinical depression with others, which I did, and continue to do. As expected, the diagnosis scared off many friends and family, some of whom abandoned me to my fate.
But not the cartoonists.
By a wide margin, those in the cartooning profession extended the most heartfelt sympathies, the kindest words of support, and extended the warmest hands of friendship. I felt so encouraged by that unconditional support, and will never forget it.
Cartoonists let me know in no uncertain terms that they are Family. Richard Thompson is my Brother. This is for him."

Mr Dander's Daydreams

Jonathan Lemon who does Rabbits Against Magic (a U|U feature) sent is this! Everyone loves Mr.Danders More on Mr lemon soon!

Brian Anderson of Dog eat Doug

Brian's earliest cartoon memories are of drawing James Bond-esque comics in second grade. His cartoons appeared in monthly grammar school newsletters and then jumped to the St. John's High School Paper (where he promptly found himself in the Principal's office to explain the meaning of a giant soap-on-rope that had crushed a small sedan).

Public debate over his cartoons followed him to Holy Cross, where next to the sports section, his strip was the most read feature. Escaping the walls of Academia in 1996, Brian pursued a career as a graphic designer and comic book artist. With comic book work scarcer then Metalica songs at a wedding, Brian published his own comic book series "Absence of Light." He also worked as an editorial cartoonist for his hometown newspaper, "The Town Crier."

Brian sent his college strip to the Syndicates in 1998. Although there was interest in developing the feature, Brian knew this wasn't THEE strip for him. For the next few years Brian spread his focus on his dark comic book visions and fledgling screenwriting career.

All that changed in 2003. In a matter of months he became a Husband, a homeowner, and father of a chocolate lab puppy. With the support of his wife, Tammy, and the inspiration of his dog, Sophie, he created "Dog eat Doug." The daily strip debuted online in 2004 and launched in newspapers in 2005. The strip continues to enjoy a growing, international fan base.

"Harbor Moon", a graphic novel based on one of Brian's screenplay's was released in March. And his next picture book, "The Prince's New Pet" will hit shelves this fall.

Cul de Sac meets The Pajama Diaries

Terri Libenson of “The Pajama Diaries” just sent this to us! Having a two year old, I can relate and be scared!

Thank you so much Terri! Please check out “The Pajama Diaries" link below!

Terri Libenson is the cartoonist of the syndicated comic strip, “The Pajama Diaries,” which details the personal life of Jill Kaplan, a contemporary working mom trying to juggle it all. Terri is also a long-time humorous card writer for American Greetings Corp.

Terri graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1992 with a BFA in illustration. She developed her first professional comic strip, “Got a Life,” in 2000, which was distributed by King Features Weekly service. “The Pajama Diaries” was launched with King in 2006 and runs in newspapers nationally and overseas. Currently, Terri lives with her husband and two daughters in Cleveland, OH.

Roger Langridge and Little Neuro

I met Roger last year at Heroescon. He is such a sweet and wonderful guy. Roger is one of the most talented people in comics. I am thrilled he is part of Team Cul de Sac.
Here is more about Roger:
"Roger Langridge has been producing comics for over twenty years. Most recently, he has attracted critical attention for his work on the Harvey Award-winningMuppet Show Comic Book (Boom! Studios) and Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel Comics); other works of note include Marvel's Fin Fang Four, Fantagraphics'Zoot! and Art d'Ecco (in collaboration with his brother Andrew), and his self-published comic book and web strip Fred the Clown. He is currently working on a new series, Snarked!, for Boom! Studios."

Roger had this to say about Richard :

"As for Richard: I've been fortunate enough to meet Richard Thompson on a few occasions at comic conventions and to have a chance to talk to him over a drink or a meal. I love the way his wit works - he can be talking about something apparently seriously, then, with great comic understatement, he'll just slip in a zinger in the most casual way, to devastating effect, as if it were the most effortless thing - as if he himself didn't even notice it. His comics work the same way. He is also one of those great rarities, somebody who doesn't open his mouth unless he has something interesting to say. Fortunately, Richard Thompson has a lot of interesting things to say!"