Sunday, May 29, 2011

Richard Thompson wins cartooning's 'Oscar' award

Richard Thompson won the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award, named after legendary cartoonist Rube Goldberg, in Boston last night. Comic Riffs has the story and also points out that Gary Varvel who won the RFK Journalism Award for editorial cartooning here in DC, also won the NCS editorial cartooning division award.

Here are a few quick photos of Richard's wonderful evening, taken by Chris Sparks. Congrats !

John Glynn, Richard Thompson, Cathy Guisewite, Lee Salem, John McMeel, Garry Trudeau

Richard Thompson and Chris Sparks.

Richard Thompson and Lynn Johnston

Jerry Scott, Richard Thompson and Patrick McDonnell

Richard Thompson and Mort Walker

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jay Fosgitt contributed this fine gem

Jay submitted this wonderful TCDS art for us. I can never say thank you enough to everyone who has helped us but I will try! Jay I think you have done a wonderful job in capturing the CDS kids in your style. It is awesome! Thank you again! Read below in what Jay had to say!

I'm a big fan of Richard Thompson's comic strip, "Cul De Sac", and also a big fan of Harper Lee's book (and the movie based on it), "To Kill A Mockingbird". When I first read Richard's comic, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful similarities of the two works, from characters to themes. Most noticeable for me were the shared ideals of hope and perseverance. With these tools, we can get past preconceived notions about folks in our community, or we can manage a public obo solo (without the aid of a security cape and Viking helmet) despite our fear of being stared at. Richard goes further to carry these strengths into his personal life, which not only inspires me as a cartoonist, but as a person.

Though I typically draw in pen and ink and color my work digitally, for this piece, I tried to suggest Richard's style by coloring with watercolor pencils. Hopefully I managed an faithful connection to Cul De Sac by employing this fun and challenging medium.

--Jay P. Fosgitt is the creator of the graphic novel "Dead Duck", and is a member of The National Cartoonists Society. You can visit his website at:

Chris Schweizer jumps for TCDS

I meet Chris last year at Heroescons. Not only did Chris,Shannon,Craig,Mike,Richard and I all have dinner together I got a chance to buy two books in the The Crogan Aventures series. Folks, these are a must read at any age! Chris is a big fan of Richards and I hope you check out . Chris, see you in about a week! Thank you for being such a big supporter of TCDS. Here is a note from Chris about Cul de Sac and a little bio on him.

My note on Cul de Sac:

Cul de Sac is, of course, the best drawn and funniest strip to come along since Calvin and Hobbes, and is one of the best ever made, which naturally earns Richard my respect. His handling of Alice, Dill, and Petey, however, has earned him my jaw-on-the-floor awe.
I genuinely believe that Richard understands children better than any writer - and not just of comics - that has come before him. I know that this is a grandiose statement, and I do not say it lightly. Most of us cartoonists are kids at heart, and hopefully have a little insight, but Richard so deftly presents the logic of the little that it makes the rest of us look like gripey old curmudgeons. For that, and for the hours of joy that come from reading his strip and sharing it with my family and friends, I offer him my sincerest thanks.

My bio:
Chris Schweizer is the author of The Crogan Aventures, a graphic novel series that chronicles the exploits of the fictitious Crogan family line at different points throughout history. He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and daughter, and teaches comics at SCAD-Atlanta.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Comic Zine: Update

Craig Fischer here. As I wrote in a previous post, I'm putting together a zine to sell in order to raise money for the Team. The zine, called Favorites, consists of essays written by comics critics, artists and bloggers about their most cherished comic strips, comic books and graphic novels.

I'm happy to report that the zine is on schedule to premiere at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, coming up on June 3-5. Favorites will cost 5 dollars, and every cent of each sale will go towards research for a cure for Parkinson's disease. After Heroes, we'll make the zine available through the mail.

I'd like to thank the contributors to the zine, all of whom wrote sensational essays about some exceptional comics. I'd also like to thank some guy named Richard Thompson, who very graciously volunteered to draw the cover for Favorites. (Richard's cover illustration is at the top of this post.)

So stop by the Team table at Heroes, say hello, spend five bucks on our zine, and help us battle Parkinson's. See you then!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Raymond Jarrell is 8 yrs old and loves Cul de Sac

I got this note from Raymond's Mom,Sandy about his love of Cul de Sac. What a great watercolor painting! Thanks Raymond!

Hi Chris-
My 8 year-old son Raymond is a huge CDS fan and wanted me to pass along his watercolor of Petey and Dill eating together. Petey's food is in separate little piles, Dill's is all mixed up and Petey is disgusted.

My boy understands the characters :)


Petey meets Red and Rover by Brian Basset

Brian Basset did this beautiful art for us. WOW! Thank you sir.
I think Petey needs a dog! Don't you?
Please check out his strip

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jonathan Mahood shares with us for TCDS

Jonathan sent this awesome piece and share his thoughts on Richard and himself. This guy is such a class act. I am so glad he wanted to contribute to TCDS! Here is his little story about his love for Richard and Cul de Sac.
I started reading Cul de Sac when it first launched on GoComics in 2007 and I, like millions of other readers, have been a big fan ever since.
I'm a bit slow, so it took me a while to realize Richard also did the fantastic illustrations in The New Yorker that I enjoyed so much ( I said, a bit slow.)
When the call went out for contributions to Team Cul de Sac I knew it was a great opportunity to support someone who had given me many laughs over the years.

Having suffered some permanent nerve damage that left my drawing hand partially paralyzed, I have some limited insight into what it's like when your wiring doesn't quite function properly. Drawing a simple circle can suddenly become extremely frustrating.
I also know that, while I was working through therapy and coping with this new reality, comics were a powerful source for that healing, both physically and mentally.
For that reason, I think comics provide an excellent and unique way to promote awareness and raise funds for Parkinson's research. I am very pleased to play a role and support Richard's Team Cul de Sac.
Dip those nibs people!

Washington Post Profiles Richard Thompson Update

Here are the links to check out.
I was hoping to find out more dirt on this beloved cartoonist but there is nothing but praise from folks like Art Spiegelman, Mike Peters, Stephan Pastis, Pat Oliphant, Nick Galifianakis and Bill Watterson.

Profile and cool photos.
Enjoy folks.

Beautiful art from Adrian C. Sinnott

Adrian met Richard at last year's Reuben awards and wanted contribute to TCDS.

Adrian is the Chapter Chair for the Berndt Toast Gang/Long Island Chapter of the NCS and am also a member of the Society of Illustrators. I do children's books, advertising illustration. I love this piece of art.
Check out the links below!
thank you so much Adrian!

Adrian C. Sinnott
Barking Hollow Studios, Inc.

My sketchy blog: