Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dustin Harbin on TCDS

Super-friendly cartoonist Dustin Harbin, the man who brought Richard to cons (specifically Heroes Con) profiles TCDS.

Monday, June 20, 2011

R.C. Harvey on Richard Thompson and Cul de Sac

Fanfare: Open Access for our hare-raising report on the Reubens Weekend, May 27-29, during which the National Cartoonists Society bestows numerous awards, including the Reuben for "cartoonist of the year." Meet the Wimpy Kid's Jeff Kinney, freelancers Roy Doty and R.O. Blechman and Cul de Sac's Richard Thompson and read all the sordid details of the humiliation of the Happy Harv himself and other disgraces that transpired over the weekend. Plus—a plan to reform Congress!! This installment is open to all comers, whether you pay a $ubscription fee or not. This largess occurs only once or twice a year, kimo sabe, so don't miss out. Beam up by clicking below.


Stay tooned,
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For comics news and reviews, profusely dosed with cartooning history and lore, beam up to www.RCHarvey.com, where our online magazine, Rants & Raves, is posted every two or three weeks.

More art will be shown soon!

I have more cool art to share with folks. Bill Janocha did us a beautiful piece that I just love.Shaenon K Garrity and Andrew Farago did another awesome piece of art for TCDS. The amazing Craig Yoe has
donated art to TCDS! Plus many other wonderful submissions that are still flowing in.

The real problem is I have been around so many artists the last year I have caught the deadline opps. I have some web projects that need attending to ASAP...so, I will be posting these and other amazing submissions at a slower rate the next week or so.

Friday, June 17, 2011

D-Day means Fox de Sac thanks to Bill Amend

Bill Amend contributed this great piece. This is a fitting last art of the deadline day.

I was such a fanboy when I met him in Boston. The only thing I could say had to be something dumb...
Bill, I love Foxtrot but the math strips... I hate the math strips. God I hate math..blah blah blah.

So Bill, I am sorry I couldn't be a normal dumb annoying fan, I had to be a dumb incoherent math hating fan.
I cannot believe he did me a sketch, I am sure it was so I would just leave him alone. arghhh

Here I am rambling again....
Thank you Bill, you are such a legend and Im so glad you are part of Team Cul de Sac!
I really do love Foxtrot...except for......


Ok, everybody. Here it is, deadline day. I know a lot of people have been calling, emailing, printing and packaging to get their artwork here by today. Please don't worry if it isn't here yet. I have plenty to keep me busy for the next few days, and if your package comes Monday, Tuesday or at some point in the next week, you will still make it into the project. And if you haven't heard from me whether your package has made it, maybe you could see it in the picture. Wow. Just--wow.

Joe Sutliff donates to TCDS

Joe sent us this very wonderful piece of art! he also had a few worlds about Richard. Enjoy!

"Richard is a cartoonist's cartoonist - I hear this time and again. His work is so finely crafted that sometimes it takes the experience of working in the medium to appreciate the complexity of his composition and writing, which appears so flowing and effortless. If I have one complaint at all about him, it is that Richard is too skinny. Whenever he travels to shows, he is forced to carry five pounds of pea gravel in his pockets to conteract sudden wind gusts. Next time you see him, ask to feel around in his pockets - you'll see."

John K. Snyder III paints for TCDS

John K. Snyder III is on of the best cover illustrators in the comic world. We are very lucky to have him do this great rendition of Alice. Thank you John!

Here is a little more about John.

John has done covers for Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes comic adaptation from IDW, the collection(with his cover) just recently was on the NYT bestseller Graphic Novel Hardcover list, and his Classics Illustrated adaptations of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent were just re-issued in France, as well as Jekyll/Hyde by Papercutz books here in the US--He also recreated the Doctor MidNite(along with Matt Wagner) character for DC Comics in 1999.

Dustin Harbin hangs out with Dill

I have known Dustin since we both had hair and when it wasn't grey. I could say so much about his talent and wit plus he is such a big supporter/fan/friend of Richards. I really want to say more but then he would be sooo hard to put up with!
Dustin Thank you so much. Thank you for using Dill... We need more Dill in our lives!Please check out http://dharbin.com/ to see some of his outstanding work.
You are just one of the best people to have in your comic life. Thank you.

Jan Eliot serves TCDS some Stone Soup

My In Laws love Jan and Stone Soup! I just scored major points with them! Jan than you so much!

Jan Eliot
Stone Soup Cartoons

Rina Piccolo waits on Petey

I think Rina is one of the most talented and beautiful ladies I have ever met. She is so charming and witty that I just wish my time with her last year and been longer. Rina, Thank you !
A word from Rina...

Richard Thompson and “Cul de Sac”

“If I didn't know Richard, I would read "Cul de Sac"
and wonder about the man behind the characters. Is
he sensitive, intuitive, distinctively brainy? Or is he
just awesomely neurotic?

All of these things are true about Richard. He's the
spark that gives "Cul de Sac" its charm. I'm so glad to
know him.

Oh, and did I mention he's an alchemist at the
drawing board? Turns ink and paper into pure gold!”

Rina Piccolo