Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From the less distant past: 2006 Washington Post chat with Richard Thompson

I'm continuing through Cul de Sac tearsheets from the Post Magazine, and ran across notice of a 2006 Washington Post chat with Richard Thompson that I had also forgotten. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? 

From the distant past: 2005 Washington Post chat with Richard Thompson

I'm going through Cul de Sac tearsheets from the Post Magazine, and ran across notice of a 2005 Washington Post chat with Richard Thompson that I had forgotten. It's still online. Return with us to the thrilling days of yesteryear....

Monday, June 16, 2014

HeroesCon Auction Artwork #6 Jim Horwitz

A big Thank You to Jim Horwitz for providing us with such a great auction item(s). Jim and I met at the NCS awards a few years ago and I just can't tell you how wonderful he is. So don't ask ok? Jim asked me a couple years ago if I ever needed anything to let him know.Well I did this time and he jumped in to help ASAP! Thank you so much Jim!

“WATSON” Retro-Pack for Team Cul de Sac:
Creating this collection of original “Watson” art for Team Cul de Sac was a great thrill.
As many of you know, Bill Watterson (“Calvin and Hobbes”) has been one of the great
supporters of Team Cul de Sac, which is amazing since his work has already inspired
so many. The work Richard and Bill are doing is an essential part of addressing the
challenges now facing families, friends, and loved ones affected by Parkinson’s. – I
seldom produce original “Watson” art for any reason, but jumped at the chance to support
Team Cul de Sac in any way I could. To be aligned with a cause as important as this one
is an absolute good and I’m honored to be a part of it.


1) Ten 3.5-inch Retro Watson floppy disks, all hand-detailed with original “Watson” art.
2) An 8” x 11” original Watson drawing on acid-free archival quality paper.
3) A “Thank You” letter from Jim with his personal e-mail to unlock an amazing 3-hours
worth of personal cartooning advice (drawing tips, writing tips, starting a web-comic)
via telephone or video-chat to be used at any time (it never expires!) for you or a
loved one.

Auction Price: TBA!!!!

BIO: Jim Horwitz is the creator of the cult comic strip “Watson,” a nationally lauded
web-comic nominated for Best Online Strip by the National Cartoonists Society. Watson
has been appearing online since 2010 and is read weekly by fans (aka “Watsoneers”) all
over the world.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last year's Team Cul de Sac auction

 I got this sweet drawing by Shannon Gallant - Miss Bliss as G.I. Joe's The Baroness. It's mine now, but Shannon's sent in a cover of G.I. Joe #200 to be in the 2014 auction... 


HeroesCon Auction Artwork #6 Steve Artley

Editorial cartoonist Steve Artley drew 2 cartoons for our Team Cul de Sac auction next weekend! He also drew some coasters too, while waiting for Stephan Pastis to start talking. Steve is in the Team Cul de Sac book also.

HeroesCon Auction Artwork #5 S L Gallant

Shannon helps us every year at the drink and draw. He always wants to do whatever he can to help raise awareness and funds for the Michael J Fox foundation. Richard and I not only consider him one of the founding members TCDS but also a wonderful friend.
This is the cover of G.I. JOE 200 and the recreation of the original sketch by Larry,
Hama. We also have comics sign by Larry also.

HeroesCon Auction Artwork #4 Matt Wuerker

Matt Wuerker is Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist who lives in the D.C. area. Matt always donates art to us and beyond this beautiful watercolor of Earth Day, we also have some cool coasters he scribbled on!
(Photos do not do this painting justice)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

HeroesCon Auction Artwork #3

Art Spiegelman is a big fan of Richard Thompson. This is beyond rare. This is history.

HeroesCon Auction artwork #2: Teresa Roberts Logan, aka The Laughing Redhead

A DC-based greeting card cartoonist, Teresa Logan has given us two pieces of art to auction - 1 painting and the "framed piece is an original gouache and pen on paper".
These will be available next weekend at the HeroesCon auction.

Photos courtesy of Bruce Guthrie.

Friday, June 13, 2014

HeroesCon Auction artwork #1: Elyse Harrison

Elyse Harrison, an artist in Bethesda, MD, has donated a wall sculpture to Team Cul de Sac which will be available to bid on at HeroesCon. See more of her work at www.elyseharrison.com