Monday, June 23, 2014

Drink and Draw 2014 at HeroesCon

On Thursday I arrived at the Convention Center and Shelton Drum grabbed me and off to the local CBS station we went. 
Next thing I know we are on the air discussing the con, Drink and Draw and those beautiful Watterson/Pastis strips. 

The whole weekend was great and I had a blast catching up with old friends and making new friends but we can get into all of that fun stuff later.  Here is the BIG news!

Drink and draw Roundup!

So here we go, for the week of drink and draw, we made 7087.98, PLUS I sold a signed Calvin and Hobbes book and signed Stripped Movie poster for 3,000 during that week for a total of $10,087.98 and then we have the other donation. This puts us at:
Goal: $10,000.00 ( 2014)
Achieved: $10,442.98
We still have 3 strips by a pair of cartoonists to auction off in August.
Not bad huh?
A big thanks to everyone involved this past weekend! WOW!

I will share more soon!


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