Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jay Fosgitt contributed this fine gem

Jay submitted this wonderful TCDS art for us. I can never say thank you enough to everyone who has helped us but I will try! Jay I think you have done a wonderful job in capturing the CDS kids in your style. It is awesome! Thank you again! Read below in what Jay had to say!

I'm a big fan of Richard Thompson's comic strip, "Cul De Sac", and also a big fan of Harper Lee's book (and the movie based on it), "To Kill A Mockingbird". When I first read Richard's comic, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful similarities of the two works, from characters to themes. Most noticeable for me were the shared ideals of hope and perseverance. With these tools, we can get past preconceived notions about folks in our community, or we can manage a public obo solo (without the aid of a security cape and Viking helmet) despite our fear of being stared at. Richard goes further to carry these strengths into his personal life, which not only inspires me as a cartoonist, but as a person.

Though I typically draw in pen and ink and color my work digitally, for this piece, I tried to suggest Richard's style by coloring with watercolor pencils. Hopefully I managed an faithful connection to Cul De Sac by employing this fun and challenging medium.

--Jay P. Fosgitt is the creator of the graphic novel "Dead Duck", and is a member of The National Cartoonists Society. You can visit his website at:

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