Friday, May 20, 2011

Jonathan Mahood shares with us for TCDS

Jonathan sent this awesome piece and share his thoughts on Richard and himself. This guy is such a class act. I am so glad he wanted to contribute to TCDS! Here is his little story about his love for Richard and Cul de Sac.
I started reading Cul de Sac when it first launched on GoComics in 2007 and I, like millions of other readers, have been a big fan ever since.
I'm a bit slow, so it took me a while to realize Richard also did the fantastic illustrations in The New Yorker that I enjoyed so much ( I said, a bit slow.)
When the call went out for contributions to Team Cul de Sac I knew it was a great opportunity to support someone who had given me many laughs over the years.

Having suffered some permanent nerve damage that left my drawing hand partially paralyzed, I have some limited insight into what it's like when your wiring doesn't quite function properly. Drawing a simple circle can suddenly become extremely frustrating.
I also know that, while I was working through therapy and coping with this new reality, comics were a powerful source for that healing, both physically and mentally.
For that reason, I think comics provide an excellent and unique way to promote awareness and raise funds for Parkinson's research. I am very pleased to play a role and support Richard's Team Cul de Sac.
Dip those nibs people!

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