Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Team Cul de Sac stamp #4 now available

Joe Sutliff's special Hanukah drawing of the Otterloop children and friend scan now be purchased at Zazzle, as of just a few minutes ago. Joe says, "I was baking dreidles for the Sunday school when I had this idea, so I just drew it."

Barbara Dale's TCDS stamp #2 went out on my Christmas cards today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joe Sutliff coughs up a late cartoon

From: Joe Sutliff, "I was baking dreidles for the Sunday school when I had this idea, so I just drew it.  I'll send the original to the auction as soon as I get a chance."

Joe's cartoon will be Team Cul de Sac #4 so we can get the influential Jewish cartoon stamp collector crowd's money before Hanukah.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Team Cul de Sac Zazzle stamps for sale

Barbara Dale's stamp has been revised to lighten it up so you can see Alice better, and David Hagen volunteered his artwork for stamp #3. Collect them all! It's for charity!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kal chimes in

Artwork from the ace Baltimore editorial cartoonist Kevin "KAL" Kallaugher who's now appearing regularly in the Economist magazine. He's got a 2012 calender out too...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tom Richmond is Madly on TCDS

Tom Richmond has been the wonderful illustrator for Mad magazine since 2000. He has left his very wonderful touch on Mad. It is just some of the most amazing illustration work around. Now he has tackled Petey and this is just wonderful. Tom is also the president of the NCS so remember Tom, with great power comes great... well you know the rest. Thanks for being part of our team Tom!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nick Galifianakis says and draws

Thank you Nick..Nick Galifianakis says and draws his tribute to his friend Richard Thompson.

"The Searleing of Richard Thompson," or, "The Blessing of the Heir"
There are very few geniuses in the world. The rest of us can aspire only to recognize one, and I've had the rare privilege of doing so in my longtime friend. For 25 years, I have been in Richard Thompson's studio to witness his evolution, from lavish pencil drawings to rich oil caricatures through to his brilliant comic strip. His depth of talent, diversity of vision and unique interpretation of the world around him are so rare that I can only think of one other artist whom I would equate with Richard -- the great Ronald Searle. It's not my intention to diminish other talented and important cartoonists, though contemporary greats already agree that Thompson's work merits special distinction. As such my illustration depicts the acknowledgment of his place in the history of what we do: Surrounded by a pantheon of cartoonist gods, Searle blesses his heir. Of course, there are giants of cartooning missing. Where are Rowlandson and Nast? Trudeau, Breathed, Chast or Trondheim? The virtuoso, Chuck Jones? They're all there, represented by the anonymous cherub clinging to the master's shoulder. And so the mantle passes from Searle to Thompson... my grandiose tribute to the humblest of men.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sergio Aragones Mad-Ly the best

I have been a fan of Sergio Aragones since I was a kid. First Mad magazine, then Groo and then when I met him in 1995 I was in awe of what an amazing person he was. Sergio is larger than life. He is a real sage of the comics field but also of life. Sergio has been one of the biggest inspiration
in my life and help shape me into the person I am today. Without advice years ago, I am not sure I would have never been brave enough to take on a project as enormous as this one.
It was a pleasure to introduce Richard to Sergio at Baltimorecon in 2010. Thank you Sergio!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Cul De Sac reference

Masteribid sent in a tip:

"Adam @ Home" had a "Cul De Sac" reference Saturday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chris Sparks drawing Cul de Sac?

So I (Chris)decided to make some changes to my art and still decided to submit this to Andrews McMeel Publishing. I am not a cartoonist but I asked everyone else to contribute so I thought it was only fair to give everyone a laugh. I now have even more respect for everyone who contributed and to Richard Thompson. Damn, this is not easy. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We will have news about the book/auction and maybe some other cool surprises very soon!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comic Riffs on Pearls Before Swine's Cul de Sac tribute

Stephan Pastis' support for Team Cul de Sac -

ALICE BEFORE 'SWINE': Pastis' magnificent 'Cul de Sac' mash-up is our Cartoon of the Day
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog October 15 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Miami Herald on Richard Thompson and Cul de SAc

Battling deadlines and Parkinson's with a quill and chatty kids
By Lomi Kriel
Miami Herald October 14 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dave Kellett


I met Dave Kellett at Comic-Con International San Diego a few years ago. He had this cool web comic called Sheldon and I bought the first trade of it and he has been getting my money ever since. I consider Dave one of the greats, not only in web comics but in cartooning.
Please also check out his amazing comic documentary called Stripped! Yeah this guy needs something else to do so he was one of the first people I asked to donate art to Team Cul de Sac.
Dave, thank you so much for saying yes. It has been an honor to know you.

The R. Sikoryak

So at this point in the TCDS project we are getting quotes from folks about their art, about Richard or Cul de Sac for the book and later on for the auction.
So to keep the interest up.I want to share this amazing art from the one and only the legend R. Sikoryak!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Richard 'Cul de Sac' Thompson in DC at National Book Festival on Sunday

On September 25th, in the Graphic Novels tent, Arlington's own Ruben Award winner, Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson, is speaking at 1 p.m. and signing at 2:30 p.m. This is on the National Mall, in front of the Smithsonians. It's the perfect time to get your tattoo design of Petey officially approved.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mell Lazarus Is The Sweetest Guy

So, Mell Lazarus sends me this collage of his favorite Cul de Sac moments, which I just loved. Little did he know, he sent it to me right after I left work. And I don't know about you, but when I leave work, I LEAVE WORK. I come back the next day to 4 voicemails from Mell. "Hello, Caty, I hope you don't think I'm crazy..." He just wanted to make sure I got it. He's not the craziest I've seen.
I think this piece is so fun. It reminds me of all of the silly, funny, charming and energetic vignettes I have enjoyed reading in the strip over the years. It reminds me of Mell. Thanks so much.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Team Cul de Sac zine available at SPX

Craig Fischer will have copies of the TCDS fanzine for sale at SPX. You can certainly find him when he's moderating a panel for sure, or if you know Mike, buttonhole me and I'll lead you over to him.

Four years of Cul de Sac

A big early congrats to our friend Richard Thompson on four years of syndication of his strip Cul de Sac. Boy, I am glad we still have papers! Here it is folks:

Cathy Guisewite takes a day off from retirement

Cathy was so nice to come out of retirement to do this wonderful art for Team Cul de Sac. Thank you so much Cathy! What a wonderful tribute to Richard and The whole Cul de Sac gang!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chris Sparks is interviewed in hometown paper!

OK folks, I was interviewed in my local paper! Can it get bigger? NAWWWW. In the print version you could see Petey and me standing together. Enjoying my movie star status..hahaha
Ok, enough of that, read below...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Team Cul de Sac Zazzle stamp now available

Another TCdS fund-raiser! Logo

Find more at Zazzle.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kansas City Here I come!

I am leaving the beautiful mountains of Asheville NC for a few days to fly out and see the one and only Caty Neis, the editor on our Team Cul de Sac book. I hope she left some boxes for me to open!
I will be taking a lot of photos and videos of the home office!
We will be doing all type of ..well you stuff , Important book stuff! Stuff that I don't know about but boy do I have ideas!
I have never been to Kansas City but if all the folks are as nice as the ones I met at the Reubens, I will be well taken care of! Photos and drooling comments will follow over the next few days, weeks and months.
Happy Birthday Caty!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FAVORITES and Fantastic Four

Craig Fischer here, reminding you that the Favorites zine is still available via PayPal for $6.25 per copy, and all proceeds go to Team Cul de Sac and research into a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

In Favorites, over thirty cartoonists, critics and bloggers write essays about super-cool comics, the comics they'd take to a desert island. A link to the list of contributors--and to the PayPal order button--is here.

Here is a Favorites outtake. When I was organizing the project, Andy Mansell, Heroes Discussion Group Leader extraordinaire, graciously agreed to contribute, and then got carried away and wrote two essays for the zine. Because of space considerations, I had to limit all the contributors to a single essay each, but I'm happy to present Andy's unpublished second essay below...because I love this comic as much as Andy does.

My Favorite Comic Book

I've read thousands of comics throughout my four-color life, but believe it or not, this choice was a no-brainer. I first read Fantastic Four #77 when (Hey Mom, can I borrow ten cents?) my Mom inserted her dime and my two pennies into the slots of the comic book auto-mat dispenser at the local drug store back in September of 1968 and down fell my no-longer mint copy of FF #77.

I was eight years old, and on that day I must've shrunk a quarter of a foot, because that beautiful tour-de-force of a comic book took the top half of my head off at the brain stem.

The plot: Reed, Ben and Johnny are off to Sub-Atomica to face the threat of Psycho-Man. They have to enter P-Man's realm by shrinking down and flying their shrunken space ship into a puddle of liquid on one of Reed's microscope slides. (Hey, Mom--can we get a microscope?) Awesome!

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer is trying desperately to prevent the world-eater Galactus from devouring Earth. Awesomer!

Meanwhile, you ask, where's Sue Richards? She's bed-ridden in the Baxter Building because she's about to give birth--to a baby! (Hey, Mom--where do babies come from?) Even more awesomer!

It was Stan Lee at his most self-aggrandizing and hyperbolic! It was Jack Kirby creating entire worlds out of the worn stub of a Number 2 pencil! And it was Joe Sinnott making everything tight and consistent and perfect. He wasn't just the inker--he was The Embellisher! (Hey, Mom, what's an embellisher?)

And along with the friendly and over-the-top dialogue and explosive captions, the issue featured the fabulous Marvel Bullpen Bulletins page and the monthly checklist with all of those fifteen-word hyperbolic plot summaries that made your mouth water for every Marvel comic on sale (except Millie the Model #36--what a buzz kill!).

Stan the Man made every Marvel reader feel like they were a part of his family. It was just like the scene in Help when we're given proof that all four Beatles actually lived together in the same block of flats. Everything was copacetic in Marveldom. And I wanted Stan to christen me with a really cool nickname--but not "Andy Panda." (I was already Andy Panda.)

And then there were all of those comic-book ads (Hey, Mom, can I make some extra money selling Grit? And can we get some Sea Monkeys too so they can keep the goldfish company?). Oh, what this prepubescent wouldn't have done to procure a pair of X-Ray Specs (tm), but that's a different topic for a different day.

"Shall Earth Endure?" the cover of FF #77 dramatically inquires.

Pardon my French, but Hell yes! That is, if Stan and Jack and Joe along with that set of 100 green plastic soldiers storming a sand box recreation of Omaha Beach on the back cover (for only $1.99 plus S & H...Hey, Mom!) have anything to say about it!

I'm so there, and I still am!

-Andrew Mansell

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chance Browne helps us out!

So I am a little slow in posting but it is worth it!
Not only am I a big fan of Hi and Lois that Chance Browne illustrates but his dad, Dik Browne was one of my favorite cartoonist ever! Chance I can never thank you enough for taking the time out to help!
This would be a great play group huh? Maybe we can have a longer crossover..
Chance and Richard...What do you think?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tom Spurgeon's Team Cul de Sac Fanzine contribution now online

You should still by the zine, however...

On Jaime Hernandez's The Death Of Speedy
By Tom Spurgeon
For Favorites, The Team Cul De Sac Favorite Comic Zine, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Support Team Cul de Sac! Fanzine and print for sale!


Team Cul de Sac Print

This is our limited edition Portfolio 11" x 13.06" print. Signed by Richard Thompson and numbered by the one and only Mike Rhode. This is limited to 25 prints. All proceeds (including any extra shipping charges) will go to Team Cul de Sac. We will be picking prints at random as they are ordered.
The prints are $50.00 each and $15.00 shipping.
I ( Chris Sparks) will also be more than happy to sign the prints.

Team Cul de Sac Fanzine

Above is the Richard Thompson-drawn cover to FAVORITES, a home-grown zine where notable comics critics, artists and bloggers write their individual answers to a single question: “What is my favorite comic, and why?”

The contributors are an all-star line-up: Derik Badman, Noah Berlatsky, Alex Boney, David Bordwell, Matthew J. Brady, Scott Bukatman, Johanna Draper Carlson, Isaac Cates, Rob Clough, Corey Creekmur, Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Dustin Harbin, Charles Hatfield, Jeet Heer, Gene Kannenberg Jr., Abhay Khosla, Susan Kirtley, Sean Kleefeld, Costa Koutsoutis, Andrew Mansell, Robert Stanley Martin, Chris Mautner, Joe McCulloch, Ana Merino, Mike Rhode, Jim Rugg, Frank Santoro, Chris Schweizer, Caroline Small, Tom Spurgeon, Ben Towle and Matthias Wivel.

FAVORITES is 40 pages long, and can be ordered via the PayPal button below. The cost is $5.00 plus $1.25 shipping and handling. (All the money that isn’t spent on envelopes and postage will go to Team Cul de Sac, and research into a cure for Parkinson’s disease.) Thank you for your support!

Stacy Curtis with Miss Bliss the teacher of the year

Once again, we get blown away by wonderful work for Team Cul de Sac. Stacy Curtis went out of his way for Miss Bliss. Now its official. Miss Bliss is the Teacher of the Year. Thank you Stacy for contributing to Team Cul de Sac. We are so lucky to have you on our team!

Stacy Curtis has illustrated over 25 books for children, including the "Raymond and Graham" series and "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids," a New York Times Best Seller, written by Sean Covey.Stacy lives in the Chicago area with his wife Jann and dog, Derby. Please check out his sites. His work is amazing!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shaenon K. Garrity and Andrew Farago

Ok, I finally met Andrew and Shaenon in Boston. They are just the nicest people. They were nice enough to hang out with me. I hope I didn't bore them too much. They have both been so supportive of Team Cul de Sac in so many ways. Thanks Shanenon and Andrew!

Andrew Farago is the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. He has written for Marvel Comics, The Comics Journal, The Comics Reporter and Animation World Network, and is the author of The Looney Tunes Treasury. He lives in Berkeley with his wife, cartoonist Shaenon K. Garrity.

Andrew Farago is the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. He has written for Marvel Comics, The Comics Journal, The Comics Reporter and Animation World Network, and is the author of The Looney Tunes Treasury. He lives in Berkeley with his wife, cartoonist Shaenon K. Garrity.

“Richard’s one of the greatest cartoonists of his era, and before long, he’ll be on the short list of the all-time greats. Shaenon and I are huge fans of Cul de Sac, and I think we’re even bigger fans of Richard himself. He’s even funnier and more charming in person than he is on paper, if you can believe that. I contributed to Team Cul de Sac mostly for selfish reasons, in that I’d like to see Richard cartooning for another hundred years.”

Shaenon K. Garrity is an award-winning cartoonist and scriptwriter best known for the online comics Narbonic and Skin Horse. She works as a manga editor for Viz Media and teaches at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her writing on comics appears in The Comics Journal and

“Cul de Sac won me over from the first strip, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw the characters. In particular, I wanted to delve into the mystery of Petey’s possibly imaginary friend/supervillain Ernesto Lacuna. Thanks, Richard, for giving Andrew and me that chance!”

Craig Yoe! Knows...

Craig is one of the most entertaining guys in all of comicdom, so for him to do this rare art for us is just a treat.
Craig Yoe is the co-creative director of YOE! Studio, which has been called "the premier design studio serving the entertainment industry." Animation magazine hailed Yoe as "Dr. Seuss on acid!
" Click the link already! makes some of the best freaking comic related books ...ever!
This little Book on Barney Google has one of the coolest intros ever in comics, thanks to Richard Thompson.
Craig, I am such a fan of your work, Its an honor to have you on the team!

Bill Janocha with Gamin and Patches meets Alice and Petey

Bill Janocha has been Mort Walkers assistant starting in 1987 GAMIN AND PATCHES was a United Feature comic strip created by Mort Walker and was assisted by Bill. Bill was kind enough to do this wonderful art for us.
Bill is such a great guy and also a big fan of Cul de Sac. I also might add his son may know more about Cul de Sac than Richard Thompson! I was fortunate to meet Bill at the Reubens in 1997 in my home town of Asheville NC. Now years later we had a chance to hang out in Boston.
Bill, thank you for being such a big supporter of Team Cul de Sac and spreading the news.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the news The Harvey Awards

Thompson and other contributors are up for the harvey awards. I am hoping to be there!

The Buckets by Greg Cravens

Folks, I will be updating the blog more this weekend... yes I am behind but as a tease check this out. I think It is a four part crossover! Thanks so much Greg!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dustin Harbin on TCDS

Super-friendly cartoonist Dustin Harbin, the man who brought Richard to cons (specifically Heroes Con) profiles TCDS.

Monday, June 20, 2011

R.C. Harvey on Richard Thompson and Cul de Sac

Fanfare: Open Access for our hare-raising report on the Reubens Weekend, May 27-29, during which the National Cartoonists Society bestows numerous awards, including the Reuben for "cartoonist of the year." Meet the Wimpy Kid's Jeff Kinney, freelancers Roy Doty and R.O. Blechman and Cul de Sac's Richard Thompson and read all the sordid details of the humiliation of the Happy Harv himself and other disgraces that transpired over the weekend. Plus—a plan to reform Congress!! This installment is open to all comers, whether you pay a $ubscription fee or not. This largess occurs only once or twice a year, kimo sabe, so don't miss out. Beam up by clicking below.

Stay tooned,
R.C. Harvey

For comics news and reviews, profusely dosed with cartooning history and lore, beam up to, where our online magazine, Rants & Raves, is posted every two or three weeks.

More art will be shown soon!

I have more cool art to share with folks. Bill Janocha did us a beautiful piece that I just love.Shaenon K Garrity and Andrew Farago did another awesome piece of art for TCDS. The amazing Craig Yoe has
donated art to TCDS! Plus many other wonderful submissions that are still flowing in.

The real problem is I have been around so many artists the last year I have caught the deadline opps. I have some web projects that need attending to, I will be posting these and other amazing submissions at a slower rate the next week or so.

Friday, June 17, 2011

D-Day means Fox de Sac thanks to Bill Amend

Bill Amend contributed this great piece. This is a fitting last art of the deadline day.

I was such a fanboy when I met him in Boston. The only thing I could say had to be something dumb...
Bill, I love Foxtrot but the math strips... I hate the math strips. God I hate math..blah blah blah.

So Bill, I am sorry I couldn't be a normal dumb annoying fan, I had to be a dumb incoherent math hating fan.
I cannot believe he did me a sketch, I am sure it was so I would just leave him alone. arghhh

Here I am rambling again....
Thank you Bill, you are such a legend and Im so glad you are part of Team Cul de Sac!
I really do love Foxtrot...except for......


Ok, everybody. Here it is, deadline day. I know a lot of people have been calling, emailing, printing and packaging to get their artwork here by today. Please don't worry if it isn't here yet. I have plenty to keep me busy for the next few days, and if your package comes Monday, Tuesday or at some point in the next week, you will still make it into the project. And if you haven't heard from me whether your package has made it, maybe you could see it in the picture. Wow. Just--wow.

Joe Sutliff donates to TCDS

Joe sent us this very wonderful piece of art! he also had a few worlds about Richard. Enjoy!

"Richard is a cartoonist's cartoonist - I hear this time and again. His work is so finely crafted that sometimes it takes the experience of working in the medium to appreciate the complexity of his composition and writing, which appears so flowing and effortless. If I have one complaint at all about him, it is that Richard is too skinny. Whenever he travels to shows, he is forced to carry five pounds of pea gravel in his pockets to conteract sudden wind gusts. Next time you see him, ask to feel around in his pockets - you'll see."

John K. Snyder III paints for TCDS

John K. Snyder III is on of the best cover illustrators in the comic world. We are very lucky to have him do this great rendition of Alice. Thank you John!

Here is a little more about John.

John has done covers for Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes comic adaptation from IDW, the collection(with his cover) just recently was on the NYT bestseller Graphic Novel Hardcover list, and his Classics Illustrated adaptations of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent were just re-issued in France, as well as Jekyll/Hyde by Papercutz books here in the US--He also recreated the Doctor MidNite(along with Matt Wagner) character for DC Comics in 1999.

Dustin Harbin hangs out with Dill

I have known Dustin since we both had hair and when it wasn't grey. I could say so much about his talent and wit plus he is such a big supporter/fan/friend of Richards. I really want to say more but then he would be sooo hard to put up with!
Dustin Thank you so much. Thank you for using Dill... We need more Dill in our lives!Please check out to see some of his outstanding work.
You are just one of the best people to have in your comic life. Thank you.

Jan Eliot serves TCDS some Stone Soup

My In Laws love Jan and Stone Soup! I just scored major points with them! Jan than you so much!

Jan Eliot
Stone Soup Cartoons

Rina Piccolo waits on Petey

I think Rina is one of the most talented and beautiful ladies I have ever met. She is so charming and witty that I just wish my time with her last year and been longer. Rina, Thank you !
A word from Rina...

Richard Thompson and “Cul de Sac”

“If I didn't know Richard, I would read "Cul de Sac"
and wonder about the man behind the characters. Is
he sensitive, intuitive, distinctively brainy? Or is he
just awesomely neurotic?

All of these things are true about Richard. He's the
spark that gives "Cul de Sac" its charm. I'm so glad to
know him.

Oh, and did I mention he's an alchemist at the
drawing board? Turns ink and paper into pure gold!”

Rina Piccolo