Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A thank you for 2014

In 2014 we raised over $84,000.00 for the Michael J Fox Foundation in honor of our wonderful friend Richard Thompson. As always, we have some of the best friends in the world who continue to support this amazing charity. In less than 5 years we have now raised over $200,000.00.
Here are just a few but a very important few that Richard and I are glad to have on on our team.

  • Mike
  • Dave
  • Fred
  • Michael
  • Shelton
  • Seth
  • Heather
  • Shannon
  • Craig
  • Bono
  • Amy
  • Joe
  • Peter
  • Tim
  • Jennifer
  • Ed
  • Rudy
  • John
  • Matt
  • Barbara
  • Carolyn 
  • Sam and her parents
  • Teresa
  • HeroesCon Drink and Draw Gang
I have two others I need to give a big shout out to. Bill, who continues to help and dazzles us with some mad skills at the right time.(see above) Bill has been one of our biggest supporters from very early on. His generosity in art donations,signed books and posters has raised over $100,000.00. 

The other big shout out goes to my 5 year old, Emily. She told me one night before I went to a book signing the next day that she wanted "to help raise money for Uncle Richard because she wants him to get better and anyone else with Parkinson's plus she can draw just like everyone else can." 

She made $50.00 that day. Bill and everybody else better get their "A" game on because she will be catching up to everyone else shortly. Yeap, I am one lucky and proud Dad. 

Thank you for making 2014 so memorable.

Now for 2015! See you at Heroescon June 19th for Drink and Draw. Oh yeah, We will be celebrating 5 years of Team Cul de Sac that day and my 45th birthday!  More drinking, more drawing and mets raise MORE MONEY!


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