Thursday, March 19, 2015

SC Comiccon! Discuss please and remember it is this weekend

Hey folks, Chris here and I will be in Greenville SC this Saturday at the SC ComicCon!
I will have Team Cul de Sac and the Art of Richard Thompson books on hand for you to purchase for Arbor Day or any other holiday.
Robert Young puts on a mean show and after the show we are having a Drink and Draw to Honor Jeremy Dale.  Half the funds will go to the Heroes Initiative and and the other half to TCDS for the Michael J Fox Foundation.
I will have already donated art at my table for you to get a jump on spending your art alloence this weekend.
Please come by and see some of the items we have for the Drink and draw in Charlotte at Heroescon in June
Keep me company. Some topics we can discuss are:
The Art of Richard Thompson and how that book came about.
Ask about the new NEW book project.
The Great Richard Thompson. ( I might bring some of his originals to show folks. )
The Michael J Fox Gala coming up in April in NYC.
Why Bill Watterson puts up with all of Richards friends.
Favorite Artists of mine and yours.
Web cartooning.
Why am I surrounded by guys named Chris at this show.
Why my Kid wants a drawing of Hobbes eating Andy Runtons Owly.
Discuss Chocolate Stouts.
Beer donations welcomed.
How Awesome Heather and Seth are helping at Heroescon.
My web design studio.
Or maybe we can discuss who is stronger the Hulk or Superman.

Just come by, I will keep you entertained and you can keep me entertained!

See ya there!

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